A toothbrush that revolutionizes daily oral hygiene. Thanks to advanced sonic technology and intelligent features, it adapts to your needs, ensuring a deep clean for your teeth. Embrace an innovative approach to dental care with Oclean X Pro and enjoy a healthier smile every day.

Oclean X Pro różowa

Oclean X Pro is a toothbrush with a unique design

Awarded the Good Design accolade, it is available in nature-inspired colors such as polar dawn violet, cherry blossom pink, misty green, and marine pomegranate. It captivates not only with its appearance but also with its lightness and comfortable grip. Effectiveness and aesthetics go hand in hand!

Oral-B io 6 szczoteczka magnetyczna z etui


This advanced sonic toothbrush combines innovative technologies, delivering unparalleled freshness and health for your teeth. With an intelligent pressure sensor, a one-month charge hold, and virtually silent operation, iO6 is not just a toothbrush; it’s a ritual that turns every brushing into a luxurious experience. Discover a new dimension of oral hygiene!

Oral-B iO6 - toothbrush with artificial intelligence

It’s an innovative system that uses advanced algorithms to analyze brushing technique. With built-in sensors and artificial intelligence, the toothbrush monitors brush movements, adjusting pressure and direction to ensure optimal oral cleaning. This intelligent approach allows users to benefit from a personalized and effective oral hygiene routine.


Protect your Invisalign aligners in style with our elegant case! The durable construction combined with designer aesthetics provides both protection and style on the go. Let your Invisalign travel safely and with class!

Invisalign - Modern Orthodontic Approach

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic system that revolutionizes traditional teeth straightening approaches. Instead of conventional metal braces, Invisalign offers transparent, nearly invisible aligners. Each aligner is precisely tailored to the structure of the oral cavity.

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