Clear aligner

Oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment is much easier if you choose clear aligners. However, it is worth knowing how to properly care for this type of appliance, as you will be wearing it almost all day.
They are easy to remove and put on, which makes it easier to eat and maintain cleanliness. However, their specific structure, which fits tightly to the teeth, requires proper care. In this section, we will discuss unique ways to care for oral hygiene in this type of treatment.

Putting on and removing - or the clear aligners user manual

To keep the clear aligners safe, always store them in a case. This will prevent them from being lost or damaged (great if the box has a distinctive color).
Before removing them from the case, wash your hands thoroughly. Put the clear aligners on the appropriate tooth arches. Do not press them directly against your teeth – use silicone rollers for this. The rollers evenly distribute the force of the pressure, protecting the clear aligners and increasing their durability.
If you want to remove the clear aligners, use special hooks. Clear orthodontic appliances are perfectly tailored to your teeth, and as a result – sometimes difficult to remove. Hooks perfectly solve this problem.


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Brushing and cleaning interdental spaces

Here, oral hygiene looks the same as for people who do not wear orthodontic appliances. Clear aligners can be easily removed and taken care of your teeth. More information can be found here.

It is worth having mouthwash at hand

The liquid helps to remove food residues and plaque that can accumulate on the teeth and clear aligners. It also ensures fresh breath, which is important while wearing clear aligners for most of the time.
Regular mouthwash helps to reduce the risk of tooth decay, especially in hard-to-reach places.
It is a great solution if you eat something quickly and do not have time or place to brush your teeth thoroughly.