Higiena jamy ustnej w trakcie leczenia ortodontycznego


If you wear braces, you are probably aware of how important proper oral hygiene is. We know that it can sometimes be a challenge, but we will help you understand how to effectively care for your teeth and the cleanliness of the braces.

First days after braces installation

Your mouth needs time to get used to the presence of the braces. This is associated with the formation of abrasions and painful canker sores. It is worth immediately after the start of treatment to stock up on orthodontic wax and a preparation for canker sores. They will provide you with complete comfort in the first days of wearing the braces.

What toothbrush to choose?

Soft bristles – choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. Soft bristles are gentler on the braces and gums, which reduces the risk of irritation and damage.
Small brush head – a toothbrush with a small head allows better access to hard-to-reach places around the braces, where plaque can easily accumulate.
Straight or V-shaped brush head – choose a toothbrush with a straight or V-shaped brush head, such shapes will make it easier to clean the surfaces of the teeth and the braces.