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Tooth Mousse


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GC Tooth Mousse – Liquid Enamel Without Fluoride

GC Tooth Mousse is a therapeutic toothpaste manufactured by the Japanese company GC Corporation. The paste contains a complex of casein phosphopeptide (CPP) and stabilized amorphous calcium phosphate (Recaldent), which aid in treating initial carious lesions on the tooth surface. Additionally, GC Tooth Mousse supports maintaining the proper balance of the oral environment.

Key Features and Uses of GC Tooth Mousse:

Composition and Action: GC Tooth Mousse contains CPP-ACP (Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate), which acts locally on the tooth surfaces. This ingredient binds to tooth enamel, dental plaque, tissues, and bacteria, delivering calcium and phosphate ions. This process aids in enamel remineralization, closes dentinal tubules, reduces tooth sensitivity, and prevents the formation of white spots, e.g., after orthodontic treatment.
Applications: Recommended for patients with low to moderate caries risk. Ideal for initial carious lesions on tooth surfaces, increased tooth sensitivity, and post-professional maintenance procedures like scaling. Suitable for individuals undergoing or having completed orthodontic treatment and those with white spots on their teeth.
Restoration of Mineral Balance: GC Tooth Mousse helps maintain the proper mineral balance in the oral cavity by supporting saliva’s natural function. Calcium and phosphate ions released from RECALDENT (CPP-ACP) are reintegrated into the tooth enamel structure through the action of saliva.
Flavors and Application: Available in various flavors such as strawberry, mint, vanilla, melon, and tutti-frutti. Applied locally to vulnerable surfaces; a small amount is applied using fingers or a cotton swab and spread on the tooth surfaces, leaving it for three to five minutes. After application, it is advised not to rinse the mouth or consume food or drinks for thirty minutes.
Warnings: GC Tooth Mousse contains a component derived from milk casein, making it unsuitable for individuals with milk protein allergies. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor.
Summary: In summary, GC Tooth Mousse is a specialized toothpaste that acts locally on tooth surfaces, aiding in the treatment of initial carious lesions and enamel remineralization. The toothpaste is recommended for individuals with low to moderate caries risk, those experiencing tooth sensitivity, and after orthodontic treatment or professional maintenance procedures. Due to its properties, GC Tooth Mousse positively influences the mineral balance in the oral cavity by supporting saliva function.