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Parodium Gel


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PARODIUM – Gum Care Gel

Parodium is a gum care gel with soothing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Its active ingredients include rhubarb extract and chlorhexidine, which help alleviate redness and swelling of the gums, prevent bleeding gums, eliminate bacterial plaque, and prevent its recurrence. The gel is formulated to adhere well to the gum surface, allowing the active ingredients to work effectively after application to sensitive gums.

Key Active Ingredients of Parodium Gel:

Rhubarb Extract: Has soothing properties that aid in calming gum irritations.
Chlorhexidine: Known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, it inhibits the deposition of dental plaque, contributing to the reduction of gum inflammation.
Actions of Parodium Gel:

Soothing Action: The gel has a soothing effect on sensitive gums, alleviating redness and swelling.
Breath Freshening: The product provides breath freshness, assisting in reducing bad breath (halitosis).
Prevention of Swelling and Bleeding Gums: Regular use of the gel helps prevent gum swelling and bleeding.
Bacterial Plaque Elimination: Chlorhexidine in the gel helps eliminate bacterial plaque, supporting gum health.
How to Use Parodium Gel:

Apply a small amount of gel (pea-sized) directly to the gums using a clean finger and massage the sensitive areas. Use three times a day. The product should not be swallowed. Parodium Gel is suitable for children aged 12 and above. Note that using the gel does not replace brushing teeth after meals. Store the product at temperatures below 25°C.

Parodium Gel Composition:

Water (Aqua)
Propylene Glycol
Flavor (Aroma)
CI 16255
Chlorhexidine Digluconate
Rheum Palmatum Root Extract
Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Saccharin
Packaging: 50 ml