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Oral-B Super Floss


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Oral-B SuperFloss – Dental Floss with a Rigid Tip

Oral-B SuperFloss is a special dental floss designed in collaboration with dentists, dedicated to individuals with orthodontic appliances, bridges, implants, crowns, and other prosthetic appliances, as well as those who have wide interdental spaces. It is a comprehensive oral hygiene tool that effectively removes dental plaque and prevents cavities.

Key Features of Oral-B SuperFloss:

Three-Part Structure:
Rigid tip facilitates threading the floss between teeth, especially useful for orthodontic appliances.
Soft sponge thoroughly cleans interdental spaces and orthodontic appliances.
Standard floss removes plaque under the gumline.
Effectiveness: Due to its unique structure, Oral-B SuperFloss provides very precise cleaning of hard-to-reach areas in the oral cavity, especially when wearing orthodontic appliances.
Mint Flavor: It has a minty flavor, which additionally aids in maintaining fresh breath.
Antibacterial Formula: The floss is antibacterial, providing additional protection against bacteria.
Uses of Oral-B SuperFloss:

Cleaning interdental spaces in individuals with orthodontic appliances, bridges, implants, crowns, and other prosthetic appliances.
Individuals with wide interdental spaces.
Removing dental plaque and food residues from hard-to-reach areas in the oral cavity.
How to use:

Insert the rigid tip between teeth and orthodontic appliances if applicable.
Use the soft sponge to clean interdental spaces.
Use standard floss to remove dental plaque under the gumline.
Repeat these steps for each tooth.

50 strands of floss, each 60 cm long.

Oral-B SuperFloss is recommended by dentists worldwide for its effectiveness and special application for individuals with orthodontic appliances and prosthetic appliances. It is worth investing in proper oral hygiene to avoid problems related to cavities and maintain a healthy dentition. This product is available in selected pharmacies and online stores.