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Oclean X Pro Sonic Toothbrush


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Oclean X Pro – Intuitive and Quiet Teeth Cleaning

The Oclean X Pro is an advanced sonic toothbrush that provides not only convenience but also exceptionally effective teeth cleaning, fully tailored to your needs. With intelligent features, the user has access to 3 modes (cleaning, whitening, and massage) and up to 32 levels of brushing intensity. Equipped with Maglev 2.0 Cleaning Technology, the toothbrush generates up to 20 times greater brushing power, ensuring effective protection against cavities and gum diseases.

Efficient and Intelligent Toothbrush

The Oclean X Pro toothbrush offers a wide range of possibilities, allowing you to customize the teeth cleaning program to your needs. Choose from 3 modes – daily cleaning, whitening, and massage – and then adjust the level of brushing intensity from 32 available options. The brushless magnetic motor generates an impressive speed of up to 84,000 sonic movements per minute, providing precise and effective teeth cleaning, even in hard-to-reach places. With the built-in pressure sensor, take care of the optimal health of your teeth and gums by avoiding excessive pressure on the brush.

Intelligence and Monitoring in Your Hands

The colorful 0.96-inch diagonal touch screen displays all the necessary information about your teeth cleaning. The toothbrush collects data on brushing habits and then presents them on the screen, showing which areas have been thoroughly cleaned and which require more attention. Additionally, you can connect the toothbrush to the mobile app, which offers the ability to set your own brushing plan, check reports on teeth cleaning, and receive personalized tips.

Convenient and Durable Solution

The Oclean X Pro offers fast magnetic charging, which takes only 2 hours, and a full charge provides up to 35 days of wireless operation. The touch screen allows you to change the toothbrush settings without using the mobile app. The toothbrush handle is matte and pleasant to the touch, and the IPX7 waterproof rating allows you to use it even in the shower. The Oclean X Pro Green is also a lightweight and stylish design, earning recognition in the Good Design Award competition.

The set includes:

1 Oclean X Pro toothbrush
1 Oclean replacement head
1 magnetic charger with wall mount
1 USB charging cable
User manual

Take care of a beautiful smile and healthy teeth with the advanced Oclean X Pro toothbrush!