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Hooks for Removing Orthodontic Aligners

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Orthodontic aligner hook with chewie 2-in-1

Discover an innovative way to improve comfort and hygiene while wearing orthodontic aligners.

This revolutionary solution significantly improves comfort and hygiene while wearing orthodontic aligners. This unique hook, equipped with a chewie, is a practical tool that allows you to easily insert and remove orthodontic aligners without having to use your hands.

2 Tools in 1

They provide quick and precise placement and removal of aligners, making everyday use of the appliance easier.

Hygienic Construction

It is worth noting that hygiene is key, especially when wearing orthodontic aligners. Our hook not only makes it easier to put on and take off aligners, but it also minimizes hand contact with them, which translates to keeping them clean. Thanks to this solution, you can enjoy the comfort of using orthodontic aligners without worrying about oral hygiene.

Choose the 2-in-1 chewie hook and experience a new dimension of comfort that will not only make daily use of orthodontic aligners easier, but will also help you take care of your oral hygiene.

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