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Eludril Post-treatment Set Small (Kopia)


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ELUDRIL SMALL POST-PROCEDURE KIT – Comprehensive Oral Care After Procedures

ELUDRIL SMALL POST-PROCEDURE KIT is a specially designed set dedicated to oral care after surgical procedures, tooth extractions, implant placement, and in the prevention and treatment of gum diseases and inflammations. The kit includes three key products that work together to maintain the health of your teeth and gums, providing long-lasting antiseptic action against bacteria.

Kit contents:

Eludril Classic Mouthwash 200ml: Professional dental mouthwash with chlorhexidine possessing antiseptic properties. Eludril Mouthwash acts antibacterially and accelerates tissue healing. It is recommended for use after surgical procedures in the oral cavity and in the treatment of inflamed gums and bleeding gums.
Elugel Dental Gel 1.2ml: A preparation designed for rubbing into the gums in areas affected by disease. Elugel has antiseptic properties and is recommended after periodontal and implantological procedures, as well as in the case of inflammatory conditions and bleeding gums. Its good adhesive properties allow for precise application and accelerate tissue healing.
Elgydium Clinic Postoperative Toothbrush: A toothbrush with ultra-soft bristles, perfect for gentle cleaning of teeth and post-procedure areas. It also provides gum massage and effective application of Elugel dental gel.
Take care of your oral cavity with the ELUDRIL SMALL POST-PROCEDURE KIT:

Maintains healthy teeth and gums with antiplatelet and remineralizing effects.
Aids in maintaining proper oral hygiene.
Soothes irritations and accelerates the healing process of wounds.
How to use ELUDRIL CLASSIC Mouthwash:

Rinse the oral cavity for 30 seconds, using 15 ml of undiluted mouthwash, morning and evening after brushing your teeth. Then spit it out. Remember not to dilute the mouthwash with water. The mouthwash contains nikomenthol hydrofluoric acid (400 ppm fluoride) and is intended for use from the age of 10.

How to use ELUGEL Gel:

Apply the gel to the desired location with your finger or with the help of a very soft toothbrush. Use three times a day. The product is not a substitute for brushing your teeth after each meal. Do not use in children under 6 years old.

Composition of ELUDRIL CLASSIC Mouthwash:

Glycerin, Alcohol, Water (Aqua), Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Chlorobutanol, CI 16255, Diethylhexyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate, Falvor (Aroma), Limonene, Menthol (L-Menthol).

Composition of ELUGEL Gel:

(Water) Aqua, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzyl Alcohol, Carmine CI 75470, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Flasvor (Aroma), Hydrolyzed corn Starch, Limonene, Maltodextrin, Sodium Hydroxide.

Take care of your oral health with the ELUDRIL SMALL POST-PROCEDURE KIT, designed for your complete satisfaction and comfortable care.