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Elgydium Xtrem Soft


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ELGYDIUM X-TREM SOFT – Soft Toothbrush

The Elgydium X-trem toothbrush is an exceptionally gentle yet effective toothbrush designed for precise teeth cleaning while minimizing the risk of enamel damage and gum irritation. Its unique design includes bristles cut in a wave shape and rounded tips, allowing for gentle and efficient teeth cleaning.

Key Features of ELGYDIUM X-TREM SOFT Toothbrush:

Wave-shaped Bristles and Rounded Tips: The toothbrush’s design, incorporating bristles in a wave shape and rounded tips, allows for thorough teeth cleaning while being gentle on the enamel and gums. It ensures effective removal of plaque without causing irritation.
Gentleness and Effectiveness: The Elgydium X-trem toothbrush combines gentleness with high cleaning efficacy. It is an ideal solution for individuals with sensitive gums and enamel.
Ergonomic Handle: The toothbrush handle has an ergonomic shape, facilitating easy grip and comfort during use.
The ELGYDIUM X-TREM SOFT toothbrush is recommended for daily use, at least twice a day for 3 minutes each session, to ensure thorough and gentle teeth cleaning. Additionally, the toothbrush comes with a protective cap, making storage convenient and helping maintain cleanliness.


The package contains 1 toothbrush and a protective cap.