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Elgydium Pocket Medium


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ELGYDIUM POCKET – Travel Toothbrush

Elgydium Pocket is a practical and convenient travel toothbrush, perfect for individuals on the go and those spending time away from home. With this toothbrush, you can maintain oral hygiene regardless of your location. The foldable handle of the toothbrush also serves as a case, making it even more functional and hygienic.

Key Features of Elgydium Pocket:

Foldable Handle: The handle can be folded, reducing its length to only 10 cm when folded. This feature makes it easy to store in a toiletry bag or pocket.
Medium Bristle Hardness: The toothbrush has medium hardness bristles, suitable for most individuals, ensuring effective cleaning of tooth surfaces and interdental spaces.
Shorter and Longer Bristles: The toothbrush has both shorter and longer bristles, providing thorough and comprehensive cleaning of teeth.
Foldable Handle as a Protective Case: The foldable handle also serves as a protective case, safeguarding the toothbrush from dirt and debris.

Use the toothbrush for each teeth brushing session, at least 2 times a day for 3 minutes, to ensure proper oral hygiene.


The package includes 1 piece of Elgydium Pocket toothbrush and a protective cover, ensuring the toothbrush is shielded during travels.

Don’t let travel affect your daily oral hygiene. With Elgydium Pocket, you’ll always have a convenient and effective toothbrush at hand, promoting fresh breath and a healthy smile wherever you are.