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Elgydium Kids 2-6 years Shark Pocket


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Elgydium Pocket Kids Shark is a foldable, pocket-sized toothbrush specifically designed for children aged 2 to 6 years. The toothbrush features a comfortable handle for small hands and a suction cup that adds an element of fun during brushing.

Key Features of Elgydium Pocket Kids Shark Toothbrush:

Two-Level Bristles: The toothbrush has bristles of two different lengths. Shorter bristles are adapted to small teeth, while longer ones gently massage the gums.
Foldable Handle: The toothbrush can be folded, reducing its length to just 10 cm. This makes it practical and ideal for taking to preschool, school, or on trips.
Educational Bristles: The colorful bristles on the toothbrush serve an educational purpose, showing the amount of toothpaste to be used during brushing.
ELGYDIUM POCKET KIDS SHARK – Toothbrush for Children (Ages 2-6)

Designed for children aged 2 to 6 years.
Perfect for taking to preschool or school due to its foldable construction.
Package: 1 toothbrush

Elgydium Pocket Kids Shark is a practical and functional toothbrush that will encourage children to brush their teeth regularly, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy oral cavity during the developmental years.