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Elgydium Junior Emoji 7-12 years


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Elgydium Junior Emoji is a toothbrush designed for children aged 7 to 12 years. Its rounded handle and special thumb support provide comfortable use, making regular tooth brushing easier.

Key Features of Elgydium Junior Emoji Toothbrush:

Bristles of Various Lengths: The toothbrush has bristles of different lengths, which are gentle on a child’s teeth and gums.
Educational Bristles: The colorful bristles on the toothbrush indicate how much toothpaste to apply, helping the child maintain the right amount of toothpaste.
ELGYDIUM JUNIOR EMOJI – Toothbrush for Children (Ages 7-12)

Ideal for children aged 7 to 12, catering to the specific needs of this stage in oral development.
Rounded handle and thumb support ensure comfortable use.

The toothbrush should be used for each brushing, at least twice a day, for approximately 3 minutes.

Brushing teeth is a crucial aspect of proper oral hygiene, and the Elgydium Junior Emoji toothbrush is designed to encourage children to take care of their oral health in an engaging and enjoyable way.