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Elgydium Diffusion


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The ELGYDIUM DIFFUSION toothbrush is an innovative product designed to ensure highly effective removal of dental plaque. With its patented X-shaped bristle technology, its efficiency is enhanced by up to 30% compared to traditional toothbrushes. This is an ideal solution for individuals who aim for precise and effective oral cavity cleansing.


Patented X-shaped Bristle Technology: The patented X-shaped arrangement of the bristles ensures highly effective removal of dental plaque.
30% Greater Efficiency: The toothbrush’s effectiveness is boosted by up to 30% compared to regular toothbrushes.
The medium construction of the toothbrush ensures a balance between effectiveness and comfort during teeth cleaning.
Ergonomic Handle: The ergonomic handle, made from two types of materials, guarantees comfortable use and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.
How to Use ELGYDIUM DIFFUSION Toothbrush:

Use the toothbrush for each tooth brushing session, a minimum of 2 times a day for 3 minutes, to ensure thorough and effective cleansing of the oral cavity.


The package includes 1 piece of ELGYDIUM DIFFUSION toothbrush and a protective cover to keep the toothbrush clean.

With ELGYDIUM DIFFUSION, you can enjoy clean and healthy teeth that will add a bright smile to your everyday life. Discover the effectiveness of modern technology in oral care today!