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Elgydium – Toothbrush for post-surgical care


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Elgydium Clinic is the gentlest toothbrush, specially designed for individuals after surgical procedures within the oral cavity.

Package contents:
Elgydium Clinic Toothbrush (7/100, 15/100, or 20/100) – 1 piece

Product purpose:
The toothbrush is intended for oral hygiene after dental procedures.

Features of the toothbrush:
Soft, gentle bristles.
Does not cause irritation to mucous membranes after procedures.
Suitable for gum massage, applying dental gel, etc.

How to use:

Use the Elgydium Clinic 7/100 toothbrush for the first week after the procedure within the oral cavity. Then, for the second and third weeks, you can switch to the ultra-soft Elgydium Clinic 15/100 toothbrush. After three weeks from the procedure, you can gradually return to the normal oral hygiene routine, using the soft Elgydium Clinic 20/100 toothbrush.

Notes and precautions:
The color of the toothbrush is randomly selected.