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Elgydium Clinic Trio Compact


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Elgydium Clinic Trio Compact is a set of interdental brushes consisting of three different sizes. These brushes are designed for effective plaque removal and cleaning of interdental spaces as well as orthodontic appliances.

Key features of Elgydium Clinic Trio Compact brushes:

Three different sizes: The set includes brushes with different filament diameters, allowing for adaptation to various interdental space sizes.
Flexibility and durability: The brushes are flexible and durable, enabling them to reach challenging areas in the oral cavity.
Two-colored bristles: They have two-colored bristles – white bristles help detect sensitive gums in case of bleeding, while thinner black bristles facilitate the insertion of the brush into interdental spaces and help identify removed plaque.

How to use Elgydium Clinic Trio Compact brushes:

The brushes are intended for cleaning interdental spaces and orthodontic appliances. After each use, the brush should be thoroughly rinsed.


Packaging: The set includes 2 handles, and each handle has 3 brushes, making a total of 6 brushes in three different sizes.