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Elgydium Baby 0-2 years (suction cup)


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ELGYDIUM BABY – Toothbrush for Children (Ages 0-2)

Elgydium Baby is a toothbrush specially designed for children aged 0 to 2 years, focusing on safe and effective care for their first milk teeth. The toothbrush features a handle shaped like a mascot, attracting the attention of children and encouraging them to engage in regular oral care.

Key Features of ELGYDIUM BABY Toothbrush:

Small Head: The toothbrush has a small head perfectly designed to fit the mouths of the youngest children, allowing for easy access and safe cleaning of all teeth.
Very Soft Bristles: Equipped with very soft bristles, the toothbrush ensures safety for the child’s delicate gums while providing thorough cleaning.
Colorful Handle: The attractive appearance of the toothbrush, including the colorful mascot-shaped handle, encourages children to brush their teeth daily and develops healthy oral hygiene habits.
How to Use ELGYDIUM BABY Toothbrush:

The toothbrush should be used for every teeth brushing session, at least twice a day for 3 minutes each time, to ensure proper oral care for the child.


The package includes 1 toothbrush and a protective cap.