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CURASEPT PROXI – interdental brush


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Curasept Proxi is an interdental brush specially designed for optimal cleaning of the spaces between teeth. Regular toothbrushes often lack sufficient access to these hard-to-reach areas, and dental floss or toothpicks may not always be effective in removing plaque from these spaces. Regular use of Curasept Proxi interdental brushes helps remove plaque, reduces gum bleeding, and combats bad breath. They are also excellent for users with implants, dentures, and orthodontic appliances.

Key Features of Curasept Proxi:

Safe Stop System: An innovative protective shield placed between the handle and the bristle prevents gum injuries during brush use. It also ensures greater stability of the metal core and facilitates control of the interdental brush during use. ISO Compliance: The quality of the brushes is guaranteed by compliance with the requirements, methods, and specifications outlined in the relevant ISO technical standard (UNI IEN ISO 16409:16). Durability: The brushes have undergone numerous laboratory tests, attesting to their resistance to multiple bends and tensile strength exceeding the values required by ISO standards. Hygienic Storage: Each brush in the blister pack has a separate cover, allowing for hygienic storage. Curasept Proxi interdental brushes are suitable for individuals with varying sizes of interdental spaces. To choose the right brush, match its diameter so that the bristles completely fill the interdental space, and the brush easily enters the space without significant resistance. Regular use of Curasept Proxi interdental brushes is crucial for maintaining oral hygiene, preventing plaque formation, and addressing gum inflammation. These brushes are particularly recommended for individuals with orthodontic appliances, dentures, implants, and those with narrow interdental spaces.

The packaging contains 6 interdental brushes.