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Curasept Profesional Floss


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Curasept Professional Floss – Dental Floss with Stiffened End

Curasept Professional Floss is a special dental floss designed for cleaning the contact surfaces of teeth where a toothbrush may not reach. The floss features a stiffened end, facilitating its insertion into interdental spaces without the need for bending. The central part of the thread is gentle, soft, and fluffy, allowing for effective plaque removal without gum irritation.

Key Features of Curasept Professional Floss:

Stiffened End: Two stiff and thin ends make it easy to insert the floss between teeth without deformation.
Fluffy Microfiber: The central part of the thread is made of delicate and fluffy microfiber, ensuring thorough cleaning and plaque removal without gum irritation.
50 Segments: The packaging contains 50 segments of floss that can be easily detached using the attached dispenser.
No Bending: The floss fibers do not bend upon contact with saliva and tooth surfaces, facilitating interdental insertion.
Perfect Fit: The cleaning part expands and perfectly fits interdental spaces, ensuring effective cleaning.
Practical Dispenser: The floss dispenser combines practicality, hygiene, and portability.
Curasept Professional Floss is particularly recommended for wide interdental spaces, the presence of dental implants, orthodontic appliances, bridges, and in periodontal issues. Regular use of this dental floss will help maintain oral hygiene at an appropriate level and prevent the development of cavities and gum problems.

Package: 50 pieces of floss in a dispenser.