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Curasept Mono Tuft Long


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Curasept Specialist Mono Tuft Long is a single-tuft toothbrush that features a single round bundle of conically shaped fibers. The brush fibers are soft and flexible. The brush should be used by making small, circular motions in the area you want to clean.

Specific applications of this toothbrush include:

Oral hygiene in the presence of implants, bridges, and orthodontic appliances: Due to its specific construction and the softness of the bristles, the brush is excellent for cleaning around implants, bridges, and in hard-to-reach areas, such as around orthodontic appliances.
Cleansing the gingival sulcus: The brush is an effective tool for thorough cleaning of the gingival sulcus, helping to prevent inflammation and periodontal diseases.
Cleaning individual teeth: Thanks to its precise construction, the brush allows for thorough cleaning of individual teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas.
Additionally, the Curasept Specialist Mono Tuft Long brush has a tilted head, an ergonomic handle, and gentle bristles, making it an ideal tool for applications that require precision and gentleness.

Curasept SOFT:

Curasept SOFT is a line of toothbrushes that are particularly recommended for use with Curasept gels. When combined with these gels, the brush provides excellent oral hygiene and helps prevent inflammation and periodontal diseases.

In summary, Curasept Specialist Mono Tuft Long is a toothbrush that is an excellent tool in specific situations, such as cleaning around implants, bridges, orthodontic appliances, cleansing the gingival sulcus, and cleaning individual teeth. Its gentleness, tilted head, and ergonomic handle make it an effective tool for oral hygiene.