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Curasept Extra Soft 012


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CURASEPT EXTRASOFT 012 – toothbrush

Curasept Extrasoft 012 is an Italian manual toothbrush characterized by very soft bristles. It is designed for atraumatic and gentle teeth and gum cleaning. The bristles of the toothbrush act on the teeth and gums evenly and gently, effectively removing plaque on the entire surface.

Main features of Curasept Extrasoft 012:

Curasept SOFT: Brushes from this line are designed to prevent gum damage caused by improper brushing.
They use soft and flexible bristles, ensuring unparalleled gentleness and cleaning effectiveness.

For those with increased pressure: The Curasept ExtraSoft brush is ideal for patients who tend to exert excessive pressure during brushing, risking gum damage.

Small and straight head: The small and flat head of the brush allows access to each individual tooth and every part of the oral cavity.

Safety: The brush head is rounded to avoid gum injury, and the flexible handle is designed specifically to alleviate excessive pressure.

Effectiveness shape: The anatomical shape of the head, narrowing at the front, allows the brush to easily reach less accessible parts of the oral cavity and provides excellent cleaning of the lateral segment.

Soft Touch System: The Soft Touch System technology used in the brushes allows for more effective plaque removal than traditional brushes.
With thousands of exceptionally soft, thin, flexible, and dense fibers, the brushes ensure the highest cleaning effectiveness without damaging the gums or periodontal tissues.

Covered packaging: The package with the brush includes a cover, allowing for hygienic storage of the brush.

The Curasept Extrasoft brush has a fiber with a diameter of 0.12 mm and contains about 110 bristles per bundle. It is excellent for gentle and effective teeth cleaning and preventing gum damage.