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Curaprox CTC201 Tongue Scraper


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The Curaprox CTC 201 is a tongue brush with a single arch designed specifically for daily oral hygiene. It is very easy to use and serves to remove plaque from the tongue. In as many as 90% of cases, bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria hidden in the aging plaque on the tongue.

The CTC tongue scraper provides effective cleaning of the back of the tongue, and when combined with cleaning between teeth, it yields excellent results. Its flat shape is well-suited to the mouth, causing no nausea, and its effectiveness can be felt and seen after the first use.

Thanks to the scraper, you can easily remove plaque from the tongue, especially at the base, where the largest amounts of bacteria accumulate. Cleaning the tongue is not only an essential part of oral hygiene but also a preventive measure against infections for the entire body.

The Curaprox CTC tongue brush is an effective way to maintain fresh breath and a clean oral cavity.

Packaging: One tongue scraper with a single arch (CTC 201).